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Breathe new life intoyour old mannequins

Ever wondered what to do with your old fibreglass mannequins after they have had their days under the spotlight? Prevent them from reaching landfill with THRIV3 GROUP and transform them into brand new sustainable displays.

Waste separation is essential, and each mannequin has to be stripped of all fittings and materials that can’t be processed before being sent to the recycling plant. We use existing transport routes to reduce further carbon emissions.


Sustainable window displays
Becoming sustainable displays - Thrive Group
Mannequins materials - Thrive Group


After the mannequin has been stripped of it’s fittings and non-recyclable materials, it is recycled and ground down into fibers, ready to be transformed.

Becoming sustainable displays - Thrive Group
What are circular economy practices

The old fibers are collected and processed using patented technology, creating a brand new sustainable material.



This unique material can be turned into brand new shop fittings and display products that are fully sustainable and recyclable.

Mannequins materials - Thrive Group
Mannequins - Thrive Group
Circular economy store and fashion - Thrive Group

Preventing your old mannequins reaching the landfill protects the future of our planet. By recycling fiberglass and using it to manufacture new sustainable displays we are engaging in circular economy for the process of our business. Profits from the sale of the new sustainable shop fittings are put back into the community by supporting local charities.
Working together for our planet, our people, our progress.

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Future Plans

We want to extend the process beyond the fashion industry. The fiberglass material is in fact contained and used in many sectors, especially the maritime one.