The recycling initiative

THRIV3 GROUP is a recycling initiative that brings positive changes to people’s lives and the future of our planet by helping businesses disposing of their disused fibreglass-based products and recycling them into brand new sustainable shop fittings. Proceeds are returned to the community through the subsidy of independent charities across the UK.



THRIV3 GROUP consists of a group of enterprising women who want to help improve the world by reducing the impact that the fashion retail world has on the environment.

Building on the experience gained with MCD Display, the group aims to involve the principal national and international retail to develop circular economy projects and launch a real green revolution in the fashion world.

Recycling mannequins
Circular economy store and fashion - Thrive Group

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MCD is a London-based design, visual merchandising, and mannequin manufacturing company, with a sustainable vision at its core. MCD offers a mannequin collection linked to a recycling service, with the mission of eliminating non-recycling and non-reusable materials from its offer.

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