Breathe new life intoyour old mannequins

We help retailers engage in a circular economy.
We recycle waste from mannequins, boats, and other end-of-life fiberglass products, and using state-of-the-art patented technology, we produce recycled shop fittings and bathroom fittings with up to 97% reused materials.

the problem

Every year, tons of mannequins become trash that fills landfills, harming our planet

But nature is stronger, it regenerates itself in an infinite cycle in which waste becomes new resources.

Becoming sustainable displays - Thrive Group
the solution

What if we could turn old waste into new a product for shop fittings, capable of regenerating itself in a sustainable cycle?

We gave new life to old mannequins through an innovative process

Mannequins materials - Thrive Group
Recycling fiberglass - Thrive Group
Mannequins - Thrive Group

Unusable components and ruined mannequins are totally reclaimed and transformed into high-performance infinitely-regenerable panels for shop fittings.

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A new material with a low environmental impact, design to become future expositors.

A new life, for the wellbeing of our planet

Sustainable, beautiful, and durable… Need proof?

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Frasers Group

FRASERS GROUP became the first UK-based retailer to join forces with THRIV3 GROUP.

Frasers Group’s disused mannequins have been recycled into brand new sustainable shop fittings for their eco-friendly future.

Frasers Group and Thrive